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Vision Insurance

We accept almost every vision/eyeglass plan for routine eye examinations, eyeglasses and contact lenses. We also accept payment from these plans, meaning they pay us directly and you only have to pay your copay, deductible, overage and/or non-covered expenses.

Medical Insurance

We are also providers for most all medical plans, and can file for any medical evaluation we provide if you have a covered medical diagnosis-with you typically owing a medical copay only.


Who doesn’t accept this? (no funny money please)


As long as they’re good. If not, you can keep them.

Credit Cards

As usual, “all major credit cards accepted”

Care Credit

Boy do we love this! It’s a payment plan that will allow you to finance the services or materials we provide for up to one year absolutely interest free. No catches or gimmicks. Ask one of our tearm members about this wonderful option, or click here.


We love this too! This allows you to set up a payment plan using your own credit card, debit card or checking account. This allows your bill to be split into smaller, more manageable chunks that are more easily absorbed into your budget, without the hassle of having to come to the office and pay the portion due. R monthly payment is automatically deducted, allowing you to effectively receive interest free credit until you account is paid. Just ask us-this is extremely simple to do.

Surrogate-Someone else paying your bill? Bring it on!

Trade-ins- Sorry, we no taeka de trade-in

Barter- Maybe, if the service is right. No chickens please.

Wooden nickels- Only if you buy wooden glasses